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Fishing For Clients – Before You Call That Direct Mail Lawyer, Read This!

Posted in Advertising and Marketing
When it started – the practice of lawyers getting the names of prospective clients from the arrest records at the jail – I wondered if "fishing for clients" would last. Would it produce the attorney-client relationship that we had learned about in law school? Would a handful of "advertisements" from Boise lawyers direct mailed to… Continue Reading

“Thinner. Lighter. Faster.” It’s all about the words you use!

Posted in Advertising and Marketing, Mac Loving Trial Lawyers, Trials
 If you happened to be on the planet Earth yesterday, you could not have missed hearing about the iPad2. "Thinner. Lighter. Faster." Steve Jobs is the master communicator and you can learn something here about your case if you are a lawyer or a client. Those words tell his story – "this thing is amazing!"… Continue Reading

The Six Dollar Fax Is Driving Me Crazy

Posted in Advertising and Marketing
 That’s right – a six dollar fax. No fries or coke. "Just the fax, Ma’am." Are you kidding me?! So I got this bill from a lawyer to whom I had referred some work and he billed me $6 for a fax. Actually it was $18 for three faxes. Really? What long distance carrier does… Continue Reading