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And now a word about blogging – BACK!

Posted in Assistance of Counsel, Civil Trial Practice, Criminal Defense, DUI, Politics, Trial Lawyers College, Trials
 So I took a little break from blogging about criminal defense, DUI defense, civil trials and matters of wrongful death. And then things just started "popping up." A new case or twelve. A kid in jail who just could not get it together. A former Marine facing life changing decisions. The mentally ill – fearing… Continue Reading

Jury Selection – Try To Include Potential Jurors But Get Them Talking

Posted in Civil Trial Practice, Criminal Defense, Trial Lawyers College, Trials
In the past six weeks, Courtney and I have tried two criminal cases in Ada County.  The first case charged vehicular manslaughter – two felony counts. Last week we tried a case that charged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and injury to jails (both felonies), as well as misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, battery… Continue Reading

Nice Victory For TLC Warriors in Houston

Posted in Civil Rights, News, Trial Lawyers College
 Congrats to my brothers and TLC Warriors on their victory in Houston in a civil rights case that pitted Kent Spence and Rafe Foreman against Harris County Sheriff’s Office and its deputies. After just four hours deliberations, the jury awarded the estate of Joel Casy $600,000 and $2.4 million to his mother.  The Houston Chronicle… Continue Reading

Back in the saddle – another ACQUITTAL

Posted in Trial Lawyers College, Trials
OK – back from TLC and re-entry is a bit troubling, but a trial is just the thing to check out those skills.  Like putting the witness back in the scene and having him or her take you through, in first person, what they see.  So today I had to try a little misdemeanor case. … Continue Reading

Another thing about TLC

Posted in Trial Lawyers College
In the office today and again thinking about what I learned and how it will help my clients. I just was sent a copy of a newspaper story on the Ruby Ridge case. Gerry Spence and I tried this case fifteen years ago. Here is how they described my cross-examination technique then: “Spence’s second is… Continue Reading

Re-entry from TLC

Posted in Trial Lawyers College
So I am back from TLC – didn’t have time to post last week and I am so tired tonight I can hardly even think about all that I learned. I will stand by what I said a couple weeks ago, TLC can change your life. It can change your practice. It can help you… Continue Reading

I Was Wrong – TLC Will Change Your Life

Posted in Trial Lawyers College
So I admit it, I was wrong. I do want my life changed and this is just the place to do it. After only a week of recharging my batteries at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, I have a new respect for psycho dramatic techniques and for development of the story. Both have played prominent… Continue Reading

Off To Trial Lawyers College

Posted in Trial Lawyers College, Trials
They say attending the Trial Lawyers College can change your life.  I’m not sure I want my life changed, but I am looking forward to spending the next three weeks at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, in the remote mountains of Wyoming.  I’ll be there with 48 other lawyers, chosen from across the US.  The… Continue Reading