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“Officers threw him to the ground, got on top of him and shot him dead!”

Posted in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Crime Victims, Criminal Defense, News
I am packing for the weekend and watching a little TV news this morning, and from that box a witness to a fatal shooting in Louisiana offered this explanation for the dramatic killing of a black man by a police officer there: “Officers threw him to the ground, got on top of him and shot… Continue Reading

Win Your Case – go to trial if there is no other way out!

Posted in Civil Rights, Civil Trial Practice, Crime Victims, Criminal Defense, Trials
  Years ago I was getting ready for a monster trial – pitting the ultimate power of the United States against a little guy who held out in the face of an all out attack on his home. People died. Protestors gathered. Television cameras rolled and major magazines wrote headlines in anticipation of an almost… Continue Reading

Sentence handed down in New Jersey cyber bullying case questioned by both sides

Posted in Crime Victims, Criminal Defense, News, Politics
 Dharun Ravi, 20, a student from New Jersey was recently found guilty by a jury in Middlesex County of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, and hindering prosecution for using his laptop to secretly record and broadcast an intimate encounter between his Rutgers roommate, Tyler Clementi, and another man. Clementi later committed suicide by jumping off… Continue Reading

Bujak Charged With Grand Theft – Tells Investigators He Took The Money

Posted in Crime Victims, Criminal Defense, News, Politics
The other shoe has fallen.  John Bujak, formerly the Canyon County Prosecutor, has been charged with Grand Theft by Deception and by Embezzlement, and the investigation of the case is set out in a detailed affidavit that is available online at the Idaho Press Tribune website, or here.  But before you think this thing is… Continue Reading

Injured by an Idaho State, County or City Employee? You Need To File A Tort Claims Notice To Bring A Lawsuit

Posted in Civil Trial Practice, Crime Victims, Trials
 If you have been injured by an Idaho state, county, or city employee and you want to bring a civil lawsuit for damages, you MUST file a notice of tort claim before you can bring a lawsuit to recover for your injuries. Even if the potential defendant is not an employee – you still must… Continue Reading

Blackfoot Sex Charges Dismissed – Lessons In Discernment

Posted in Crime Victims, Criminal Defense, News
 KTVB news reported last night that all felony charges filed against five former Blackfoot high school football players have been dismissed, leaving only misdemeanor charges of battery. A few weeks ago the allegations gained international news status, and were discussed openly by national news programs and radio call in shows. Generally, the stories made it… Continue Reading

Idaho Supremes: Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against School District Dismissed

Posted in Civil Rights, Crime Victims
 Can parents sue a school district for wrongful death, when their theory of liability is that the district owed their child a duty to supervise her or her killers? The answer here – no.   In Stoddart v. Pocatello School District, the Idaho Supreme Court (Justice Horton writing the decision) affirms the district court’s decision… Continue Reading

Idaho Priest Reportedly Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Posted in Crime Victims
 The Idaho Statesman reports that an Idaho priest has been accused of sexual misconduct stemming from his assignment at an Idaho Falls church in 1981. The allegations involve a man who was under 18 at the time. A similar claim was apparently made against the priest in 2005, resulting in his treatment out of state… Continue Reading

Idaho’s Civil Action For Victims Of Sexual Abuse Not Applied Retroactively

Posted in Assistance of Counsel, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Crime Victims, Idaho Appellate Decisions
 The Idaho Supreme Court decided an interesting case in which the Boy Scouts of America sought to dismiss a case brought by sex abuse victims who had not proceeded with their cases until they were adults. Generally, Idaho civil law contains a statute of limitations that ends liability for civil cases after some number of… Continue Reading

Trucks Injure and Kill – Here’s Proof

Posted in Crime Victims
  I was just reading an article about the dangers posed by big rig trucks and the statistics are alarming. Every year truckers kill innocent persons because they fail to drive safely.  It happens because truck drivers suffer from fatigue, get too little sleep, drive too many miles and often rely on drugs to keep them… Continue Reading

Looking for Hidden Assets

Posted in Crime Victims, Fraud
I am in the process of looking for hidden assets of a potential judgment debtor (assuming we win the case and get the judgment) and came across another blog that focusses on this challenge.  Check out Asset Search Blog for info on this subject.  Very interesting.  In my case, we are looking for assets to… Continue Reading

A New Week – Crime Victims Deserve Support

Posted in Crime Victims, Trials
 Another week starts with a new focus – crime victims.  I am drafting a complaint in a case for a victim of a terrible crime.  She is young, and hurt and humiliated, and she is deserving of the very best chance at a future she can possibly have.  Our lawsuit may be that chance.  Crime… Continue Reading