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Federal Prisons Are A Terrible Place to Live and An Even Worse Place To Wait For Death!

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I just finished reading a news story in the NY Times titled “Frail, Old and Dying, but Their Only Way Out of Prison Is In A Coffin.” It follows reporting by The Marshall Project on the same topic. The bottom line, accurately told by both is this: there are far too many old prisoners who… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Tightens Rules on Plea Bargains

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 As any experienced Idaho criminal defense lawyer will tell you, the vast majority of cases are resolved with a plea bargain long before they ever reach a courtroom. Plea bargains are important to prosecutors because they help efficiently clear dockets and allow them to prosecute more cases. They can also be beneficial to defendants by… Continue Reading

9th Circuit Says Intent to Defraud is the Intent to Cheat

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 In another one of those confusing 9th Circuit fraud decisions – the Court of Appeals has upheld the convictions and sentences of three men who summoned the likes of Charles Ponzi and swindled 1700 investors out of $40 million. In US v. Treadwell the Court upheld an instruction  that “intent to defraud is an intent to… Continue Reading

Mortgage Fraud Sends Defendant To Prison For 135 Months

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If you think that white colar crime results in a slap on the wrist, consider the recent sentencing decision in a case of mortgage fraud, in Georgia.  The Georgia United States Attorney reports that last week Adriene Newby-Allen was sentenced to 135 months imprisonment and ordered to pay $5,278,703 in restitution. Newby-Allen pled guilty in… Continue Reading