J Taylor writes: "I picked your site because I want a good unbiased answer on referrals and/or help."

Thanks for the vote of confidence J Taylor. Part of the idea behind this site is just that – if we can’t handle your case we may be able to point you in the direction you need to find the right lawyer. All of this reminds me of something my Dad once told me – you cannot possibly know all the law! It’s true. I do not think any lawyer can really be competent in every area. In our own area of the state there are lawyers who, until recently claimed that they were the leading authorities on everything injury. You know the ads – "bit by a dog, hit by a truck, run over by a speeding drunk driver? You’re in luck! Its the litigation lottery and you’re our next contestant!" Last night I saw their television advertisement and it turns out that they have expanded into bankruptcy and criminal defense. Criminal defense?! I have never seen any of these lawyers in COURT. You remember COURT don’t you? Where real trial lawyers work? Sorry about the rant but this is crazy – lawyer advertising is largely a huge scam. Need a good lawyer for your case? Go back and read my post on the Five Questions You MUST Ask Before Signing That Retainer. And in the mean time, J Taylor – your answer is coming by email.