Just why do I blog? The real point of this is to start a conversation between you the reader and me the blogger. I read a lot of blogs as part of being a blogging trial lawyer. My favorites currently are blogs about blogging and blogs about bicycles and blogs about photography. And again I am off topic. 

But my point is this: this blog is intended to provide information and engage you as a reader in a conversation about the law and legal problems and possible solutions.

And then there is that other part – it’s also about trying to convert the reader into the client. 

I admit it. 

To do that, the marketing and blogging gurus talk about a "call to action." That is the hook to get the other person involved. Since what I "sell" is advice, my call to action is the way to get us talking. Ideally, the "call to action" is front and center on your site. Like those commercials that remind us "operators are standing by" and just waiting for your call. But lawyering is a little more subtle, at least it is for me. 

So if you want to be part of this conversation, you can find my "call to action" at the tab above marked "Contact." I am interested in your case and would like to talk about it. No charge. Just a little conversation and occasionally (if it is really a great case), a little arm twisting.

What did you expect? I am a lawyer.