Rule one for bloggers is to stay on track. Do not go off topic. So again, I depart from the rules and simply have to "react" to a news story today that the Idaho lottery winner may have to "share" that huge prize with her "estranged husband." Oh, man – that law can be a bear.

Here’s the deal –

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 Laura Silsby is still sitting in a Haitian jail while a judge decides whether to order a trial on charges that she tried to take children from Haiti to the Dominican Republic who she believed were either orphaned or abandoned. The new charge is "arranging irregular travel." You will recall that she and other Idaho missionaries were in Haiti, ostensibly

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 I am a huge fan of 37 Signals and their product line of mind-freeing, software-killing, reality-driven SOLUTIONS. There, I said it – SOLUTIONS. As lawyers, we tend to only see problems. Problems are meant to be solved, not lawyered, and sometimes we simply forget the value in achieving something. Recently I had a case in which my client was charged

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