That’s right – a six dollar fax. No fries or coke. "Just the fax, Ma’am." Are you kidding me?!

So I got this bill from a lawyer to whom I had referred some work and he billed me $6 for a fax. Actually it was $18 for three faxes. Really? What long distance carrier does he have that charges by the fax? And explain to me why any lawyer who charges say $200 per hour also jabs at clients for a $6 fax. 

New rules in the office today. Our clients are our friends. They are our life blood. We will not nickel and dime them to death for copies, faxes, paper clips and staples! And I will choose more carefully the lawyers to whom I send business. It is not an answer that I can charge the client. The client deserves better. 

At least I feel better with that off my chest!