Our friend Ellison Matthews died over the weekend and on the Idaho Criminal Defense Lawyers list serve the stories and memories regale him. I share here what I shared there – because Ellie was a wonderful man. 

Years ago Ellie, Nevin, Garry Gilman and I were in a trial with a guy who favored a big hat. The Hat had been crossing examining a US Marshall about his actions on a hill. A kid was dead, as was his dog. A Deputy had also been shot and killed in the confusion. The Hat pushed hard but got nowhere. Ellie rose up from the table and started quietly and slowly. In about a minute he had done what the Hat could not. On a piece of paper from his pad the Hat wrote: "Thanks Ellie – you saved my ass! G.L. Spence"

Ellie framed the note and had it in his office to his last day. We used to smile about it and remember that trial. And that is how I will remember my friend. Smiling.

Rest now Wise Turtle. We will miss you.