It’s Friday, and like most trial lawyers I am sitting at my desk wondering why I am not somewhere else. Did I mention that it’s Friday? Well it is. I was just checking out Facebook and I came across a link to a blog post by Henry Rollins, the former singer for a punk bank called Black Flag. You need to read this post whether you are a lawyer, client, client to be, or just someone who has found the Idaho Criminal Defense Blog by random good fortune. 

Rollins’ point is that we need to keep re-inventing ourselves and working on getting better at whatever we do. As he says – say yes to everything. Try new things and stop resting on your laurels. This is particularly true in todays economy – we re-invent and expand or we become irrelevant.

Lately we have seen our own expansion in this practice. Yesterday most of the new calls were about personal injury and wrongful death cases. Of course we do that stuff – have done it and have tried those battles and we can do it again. And we have now joined forces with a fantastic lawyer in Meridian, Monica Salazar, who focusses her practice on the Latino community and immigration law. She is brilliant, and we are lucky to have an association with her.

Again – we can expand our case knowledge and learn from her and she can do the same. We can work really hard to learn more and take advantage of the opportunity that Monica affords our practice.

Work hard and take advantage of the opportunities around you.

This is what I tell my clients – you’ve gotta’ get off your butt and live again. Find a job. Take a walk. Smell some flowers (or currently some smoke from those grass fires). Live everyday and move it, move it, move it. 

It’s Friday – and time to go for a little ride on the Fargo.