Mac Loving Trial Lawyers

 If you happened to be on the planet Earth yesterday, you could not have missed hearing about the iPad2. "Thinner. Lighter. Faster." Steve Jobs is the master communicator and you can learn something here about your case if you are a lawyer or a client. Those words tell his story – "this thing is amazing!" Steve’s choice of words can

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 In another one of those confusing 9th Circuit fraud decisions – the Court of Appeals has upheld the convictions and sentences of three men who summoned the likes of Charles Ponzi and swindled 1700 investors out of $40 million. In US v. Treadwell the Court upheld an instruction  that “intent to defraud is an intent to deceive or cheat,” and

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 Way, Way, Way off topic – my daughter and baby lawyer is in Kentucky looking for work. If you are a Kentucky lawyer and need cheap help, this might be an opportunity. Her position as a City Prosecutor ended last month as Nampa outsourced the work to a county prosecutor. The love of her life raises horses in Versailles, so

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 I have previously confessed that I am an Apple Mac loving lawyer, and in my office I have all but converted the flock.  Only the former judge among us insists that the Dark Empire (Microsoft) produces the perfect "professional" pc.  Last week she said so while I helped her pack up the Vaio for another cross-country trip to that great

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