About a year ago when I started this blog, I had to come up with information to put in the "About" tab. I have been extremely lucky in my work life to have been part of some big trials – two of the biggest are mentioned there – Ruby Ridge and Al-Hussayen. To try and give credit where it was truly deserved, I added the names of the lead counsel in each of those cases; Gerry Spence and David Nevin. 

I wondered, how long would it take "Nevinite" Scott McKay to see that section and realize that he had been "slighted" by my not having mentioned him. Scott is David Nevin’s partner and a great trial lawyer in his own right (truly). And McKay is also a Gonzaga grad with a young son who follows the "Dawgs" basketball team as they make their traditional march to the Sweet 16.  But how long would it take Scott to find the blog and then realize I had NOT named him in Al Hussayen? Answer: better than a year! But he has found me out today and I am making it right – I am proud to have assisted Nevin AND McKay in Al Hussayen, and Scott is (as I said above) a great trial lawyer.  

OK Scott – you can send me the jersey now!