I haven’t written lately about the Trial Lawyers College – proud to say I am a graduate – but talking to one of my classmates reminded me of the methods taught there.  Daniel Rodriguez was a classmate, and he and I are headed for trial in a personal injury case in Bakersfield in September. More recently he successfully settled a civil rights case on behalf of the survivors of a man beaten to death in jail. The County decided (WISELY)  to settle the case rather than face a potential $20 – 25 million verdict.  A news story about the settlement details how Daniel’s clients received $6 million from the county.

What is so different about the methods taught at Thunderhead Ranch and the Trial Lawyers College?  First – the focus is on the story. Every case is about the story, not the lawyers.  So great trial lawyers have to be great story tellers, and Rodriguez is a master of telling the story.  Second – TLC lawyers use techniques that focus on getting the jury into the scenes of that story.  The method is called Psychodrama – and the staff at TLC are masters in its use at trial.  There is much more about TLC method that is different, but that is for another day.  If you want to learn more go to other posts here under the category Trial Lawyers College, or go to Gerry Spence’s website.

I have posted before why most civil rights cases go nowhere – but not always.  Daniel’s case is a good example of what a great lawyer can do with a real deprivation of civil rights.  I will update you on in September on the case he and I will try in Bakersfield.  Can’t wait to work with him on a truly great case in California.

Wonder if you have a civil rights case that has merit?  Send me a contact sheet or give us a call.