We don’t usually report on cases that we are involved in, but our lawsuit against Scentsy has garnered questions and news coverage throughout the Northwest. Our client Eva Marosvari came up with an product line for Scentsy – they market this line as Scentsy Buddies. They asked her to develop the product and she did so. When the time came to compensate her for her work – not just the idea – they passed. On the payment that is. The line has generated millions of dollars for Scentsy. We are in the case with Bryan Ulmer from Gerry Spence’s firm. If you want to see some of the coverage, check out the story from KTVB.

This case is really about the simplest of rules that we all live by. It’s what we teach our kids. As explained in "How To Behave and Why," a children’s book that everyone should read, there are some really simple rules that let us all get along: "Good people should not allow [others] to take your property by stealth or otherwise. This is because the world would be a miserable place to live. And no one’s property would be safe." 

I know that Scentsy is big, and successful, and I am sure the folks who run that company are generous. That’s what their lawyer says about them, and most folks who do business with them. I hope they will simply make this right. I hope. 

But if not – well that’s why there are judges and juries.