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Panel Kills Public Defender Changes in Idaho – Don’t Blame the Defenders!

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 From the Idaho Statesman tonight:  "Four years ago, a report from the National Legal Aid and Defender Association found that Idaho is violating its Sixth Amendment obligations to defendants. Public defenders across the state were being given too many cases, and some defendants weren’t meeting their attorneys until they were in the courtroom. The report… Continue Reading

When it comes to SGT Bowe Bergdahl, let’s be happy he is back in the US

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 SGT Bowe Bergdahl’s “disappearance” is not necessarily desertion. Once upon a time I served as an Army JAG officer – a Trial Defense Services lawyer – defending the men and women of the 4th Infantry Division at Ft. Carson against criminal charges. Viet Nam was over, but there were traces of its wrath daily in… Continue Reading

Criminal Cases Require Lawyers with “attention to detail, an energetic investigation and a coherent plan of defense”

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 The news tonight declares that Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel has won a new trial because his criminal defense lawyer did not do enough to provide an effective defense. Robert F. Kennedy was his uncle. Mr. Skakel was convicted of the murder of Martha Moxley in 1975. She was beaten to death with a golf club… Continue Reading

Thanks Best Lawyers in America – we appreciate the recognition

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  For years we have been happy to be recognized for our work by inclusion in the annual edition of Best Lawyers in America. This collaboration of U.S. News & World Reports, the New York Times, Washington Post and others selects lawyers and law firms that are leaders in their areas of practice. For 2013… Continue Reading

Army Will Seek Death Penalty in Bales Court-Martial

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 The United States Army has announced that it will seek the death penalty in the murder trial for SSG Robert Bales. Bales is accused of killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan, 9 of which were children. In a news story published today, that writer points out that although 16  servicemen have been sentenced to death since 1986, none been… Continue Reading

The “Velvet Shiv,” McKay and I are in Bloomberg Businessweek?

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  "Hey, isn’t that you in that article in Businessweek about the defense of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed." Yes – that is me, but the story is about David Nevin, the "Velvit Shiv." The picture above adorns the story detailing our pal David Nevin’s current and past work. The photo is from another terrorism case – the US… Continue Reading

Sentence handed down in New Jersey cyber bullying case questioned by both sides

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 Dharun Ravi, 20, a student from New Jersey was recently found guilty by a jury in Middlesex County of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, and hindering prosecution for using his laptop to secretly record and broadcast an intimate encounter between his Rutgers roommate, Tyler Clementi, and another man. Clementi later committed suicide by jumping off… Continue Reading

Supreme Court weighs question of cruel and unusual punishment for teens

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The Supreme Court recently heard arguments surrounding two new cases up for review. Both involved the question of just how severe a penalty imposed on a juvenile offender must be in order to declared unconstitutionally cruel and unusual. The first case, Miller v. Alabama, involved a 14-year-old in Alabama who beat an older man to… Continue Reading

If You Fall Out of a Third Story Window, Is the University of Idaho Responsible – Most Comments Say “NO”

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 Today’s Idaho Statesman contains an article about a lawsuit filed by a young woman who was at a University of Idaho frat party, apparently got intoxicated and fell out of a third story window.  The issue here is liability: is the University or state board of education liable for injuries sustained by a person who… Continue Reading

Bujak Charged With Grand Theft – Tells Investigators He Took The Money

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The other shoe has fallen.  John Bujak, formerly the Canyon County Prosecutor, has been charged with Grand Theft by Deception and by Embezzlement, and the investigation of the case is set out in a detailed affidavit that is available online at the Idaho Press Tribune website, or here.  But before you think this thing is… Continue Reading

Tiemann – Not Guilty of Felony Vehicular Manslaughter

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Earlier today I was waiting for that jury to return.   They’re back… John Tiemann had been through three weeks of trial on two felony charges of vehicular manslaughter.  The State said he was guilty of causing the deaths of Tom and Mary Woychick while driving while under the influence of drugs –  diphenhydramine (Benedryl)… Continue Reading

Guns On Campus – What do you think?

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 A reader of this blog sent me a link to a post on that identifies ten colleges that permit students to show up for class "armed and dangerous."  This is an interesting reminder that the debate has been resolved in some locales.  I grew up in Montana. Every male student took shop class and… Continue Reading

Enrico Ponzo Headed To Boston – So How Important Is A Changed Life?

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 Reputed Boston mobster Enrico Ponzo is leaving Idaho in the custody of the United States Marshal’s Service, headed to Beantown to face charges arising out of his life before Marsing. United States Magistrate Judge Ron Bush refused Ponzo’s request to remain free and appear voluntarily at his next hearing, finding that he had been too… Continue Reading

Blackfoot Sex Charges Dismissed – Lessons In Discernment

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 KTVB news reported last night that all felony charges filed against five former Blackfoot high school football players have been dismissed, leaving only misdemeanor charges of battery. A few weeks ago the allegations gained international news status, and were discussed openly by national news programs and radio call in shows. Generally, the stories made it… Continue Reading

Canyon County Prosecutor Owes $280,000 To County – How Did This Happen?

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 There is this practice in Idaho of allowing County prosecutors to handle City cases on a contract basis. So small town hires County PA to prosecute misdemeanor cases, rather than have their own City prosecutor or some private law firm that functions as the City’s lawyer. County Prosecutors have been doing this across the state… Continue Reading