The Idaho Statesman may have said it best: "Amil Myshin fought for fairness."

He was simply one of the best lawyers I ever met, and more importantly, one of the nicest men to walk our streets. He inspired. He taught. He fought – boy could he fight.

The news that Amil had passed found me last Tuesday in Challis. I was getting ready to peddle day three of Ride Idaho when a friend’s text message nearly dropped me. He was gone and most us had not even known he was ill. But then again, that seems so Amil – not letting on to the rest of us that he was sick.

Not long ago I was in trial and Amil was walking in the hall.  

"How’s it going?" he asked.

"Tough. I can’t seem to catch a break this time."

"Comes with the job. Just keep trying."

I will. I will keep trying to do what you did, Amil – I will fight for fairness for our clients. I will try to pass on the lessons I have learned after twenty-five years, just like you did. And I will try to treat people like you did – with grace and humility.

Man, I wish I could have a little more Amil.