A reader of this blog sent me a link to a post on matchcollege.com that identifies ten colleges that permit students to show up for class "armed and dangerous."  This is an interesting reminder that the debate has been resolved in some locales. 

I grew up in Montana. Every male student took shop class and nearly everyone built two projects as part of the class:  a gun rack for home (neatly cut from wood, stained, and trimmed in felt to protect your hunting rifles) and a gun rack for use in your truck (metal shop variation).  I never had a truck but I made both racks just in case. I tried to fit the truck rack into my Mazda 1200 wagon but it never quite fit. My point, though, is that guns were just part of life. During hunting season there might have been a hundred guns safely tucked away in trucks and cars in the Sentinel High parking lot.  

They would never have taken the home of the Spartans alive.

So are guns on campus a big deal? In the west? How about Philadelphia or Chicago? Apparently not at the ten schools identified in the post.