I have had some comments (some not so supportive) and calls (a few agreed) about my last post on Haiti. I know I am off topic here, but take a look at the Associated Press report today about the dismal failings of the government in Haiti to handle the job of providing support to its people. After seizing control of food distributions, the locals got it right: "They stole the rice!" The government stole the rice and is reportedly charging its people for food donated by the world.

I know – Haiti is chaos. But my point the other day was that the trumped up criminal charges against the Baptist missionaries is a distraction. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I am the great and powerful Oz."

America does a pretty good job of NOT taking the easy way out of our problems by diverting world attention to the minor trappings of ten folks who tried to get some kids to an orphanage. Poor planning is not a crime – usually. 

So I will not return to this off-topic soon, but I will continue to believe that justice will prevail for even misguided souls on a mission to save starving kids, some of whom were apparently "given away" by well meaning parents.