You may recall that I recently wrote about an incident involving a Boise man who was Tasered against Boise Police Department policy and the City Ombudsman’s decision that the officers had violated their policy and his rights.  He planned to sue for damages while local officials could not find a criminal charge to use against the officer.  Today we have a reminder of just how much danger a Taser may pose to each of us if not used "correctly."

The Charlotte Observer reports that city will pay the family of a 17-year-old who died after being shocked by a Taser, $625,000.  The paper reports that the officer kept pulling the Taser trigger for 37 seconds – while the boy collapsed and ultimately died.  

Power – again the power we give the police requires them to act reasonably, so says the Constitution.  

And most officers do act reasonably. But when they do not – a victim has a cause of action for the damages caused by the officer’s actions.  I know that Tasers are supposed to be safe when properly used, but the safety of the device depends on the person using it.  You know – sort of that "Tasers (guns) don’t kill people, people kill people."  Let’s hope this never happens in Boise – and that the officers we count on for protection will act reasonably.