I am so saddened by today’s news that another young man – a wonderful, bright, respectful young father and husband – was needlessly killed by an inattentive driver last night on Hill Road.  I knew this kid, he was truly a kind and caring young dad.  He leaves behind a heartbroken wife and two-year-old child.  We are hurt by this loss – all of us.  And I am saddened for the young person who struck him last night, and that young person’s family.  We all lost here.  

So what can we do?

Riders – please be more careful out there.  We need to pay even more attention to intersections and trouble spots.  I wrote this week that I was dusted off by a guy in a Green Ford Expedition on Monday.  I had fortunately not moved over any further to the right or I would also have been hit.  I know that riders have the right to use the roads, but we must remain vigilant about the traffic around us.  

Drivers – we must all pay even more attention to Riders at intersections and trouble spots.  A friend told me today that Hill Road has become a "war zone" with bikes and cars at each other like Sunnis and Shiites fighting over the right to control Baghdad.  We are not at war – bikes and cars – we are friends, family members and community members.  As we drive we must be more careful.  We must give room.  We must be respectful.  We must treat every person on the road with the care we would treat our own children on the road.  

And parents of young drivers – sit down with your kid and talk about this problem.  Bike riders are hard to see sometimes and they need to look.  They need to wait for that rider at the corner.  They cannot "race" through the intersection.  Regrettably they lack the experience behind the wheel to understand that their lack of attention may hurt or kill.

Another father-husband-son-brother-friend is dead.  Enough.  Let’s try to KEEP PEOPLE ALIVE out there.

Slow down out there.