There is an interesting article in the Statesman today about an old client – Randy Weaver.  I was lucky enough to have tried the "Ruby Ridge" case with Gerry Spence, Garry Gilman, David Nevin and Ellie Matthews back in the early 1990s.  By the way – Gilman never gets enough credit for his efforts on the case.  With neither fringed jacket nor cowboy hat, Garry was a constant source of support as the trial preparation got under way.  So it seems that Ed Brown, a New Hampshire tax protestor (and dentist if my memory serves correct) wants to call Randy Weaver as a witness in his case.  Randy visited Brown and his wife while the Browns were holding out against the feds.  Their case ended peacefully – Weaver lost his bride and his son.  Randy and Kevin Harris were both shot, and Deputy US Marshal Bill Degan (everyone said he too was well liked and regarded) lost his life in one of this country’s saddest times. 

So what would Randy testify to on behalf of Ed Brown?

Not sure – but it might be fun to watch  this one.

The last time I heard from Randy I had just finished a morning run and had jumped in the shower. He was calling me to come and see him as he sold his books at a gun show.  He looked the same as when I had last seen him – just a little grayer and heavier.  Then again, most of us look a little older and grayer!