So this week I am really concentrating on getting to Saturday’s Ironman 70.3 – alive.  This morning on my ride some guy in a green Ford Expedition ran through the right turn lane (off Grove at Broadway) and about half a block later passed me on my right.  That’s right – my right!  I wondered what this guy was thinking and after pounding on his window and asking very politely ( "what the .#@4!!") he responded likewise. He had a truck – and what did I think I was doing riding a bike in that far right lane in the right direction? And that’s how bike riders get killed in Boise.  A simple ride, a simple corner, in their correct lane and dusted off by a driver who owns the road.  

My dad blames the bikes – or their rider’s "attitudes."  Save that stuff for my obit’ if they get me. Truth is we all need to share the road.  So if you’re out there and see some old guy on a bike trying to survive another week to Ironman – give him a break!  Take your time around him and try to keep him alive!  Someone out there likely loves and cares for him! 

Not bad for an off-topic rant, and if I can just get past that survival swim on Saturday – I will return to the law!