Boise’s KTVB reports that support is growing and public empathy continues for Caldwell teenager Zachary Neagle, who is charged with murdering his father.  As posted earlier here – the likely reason for the killing is self-defense and the defense of Zachary’s younger sister and brother.  Reportedly – Zachary’s father had sexually and physically abused the child.  Here’s what one Channel 7 viewer says about the case:  

 Nampa mother Teresa Bennett doesn’t know Zachary Neagle. She’s only heard about the case from watching the news.

"He’s a child, and I know that I am not the only one out here that’s heart is breaking for him," said Bennett.

That’s right – he’s a child. And he deserves a chance to grow up outside prison walls.  Now he needs a team of lawyers who have handled murder cases before – and fortunately the Canyon County Public Defender’s Office has those lawyers. The key here is EXPERIENCE – not just a criminal defense lawyer but a defense lawyer who has faced down the state when his or her client is charged with murder.  Sleepless nights, countless hours and lots of brainstorming will be needed to keep this kid out of prison. Nothing prepares you for handling your first murder case – except having been in a couple of them BEFORE as a member of a team defending a person charged with the crime. So Zachary Neagle supporters – don’t settle for anyone who has not done this before. Choose wisely if you are going outside the public defenders because lots of lawyers talk experience – those guys have been there before.