KTVB’s Kaycee Murray got the interview tonight – Zachary Neagle’s mom.  The Today Show was in town to get the story and Casey got the scoop tonight on Zach’s current situation. As reported, the 14 year-old is charged with murdering his father, Jason Neagle. Jason is reported to have sexually molested Zachary and another child in the family. Cindy Neagle said that she never suspected sexual abuse, nor did she see any evidence of that. She also said that she is angry he was charged as an adult. Zachary’s defense attorney is Charles Crafts – who says that he is meeting Zachary "as a counselor." As to the evidence – he says that he is looking at the case as a potential sexual abuse case. 

We will have to watch the Today Show tomorrow and see where this is going. Check out the prior posts below. And then watch for that picture of that little kid – he looks about 10.