In the past week or so, two men were killed while riding their bikes in Boise.  Tonight, a third cyclist was struck by a car near Fairview and Amber streets.  How does it happen that drivers continue to injure and kill persons riding their bikes lawfully, on Boise streets? I have to confess that I ride on Boise streets almost every day and it can be crazy out there, but the simple reason this happens is that too many drivers do not pay attention. They sometimes "brush off" the rider without really thinking how easy it is to kill a rider.

So here is the legal standard drivers – the bike rider ALWAYS has the right of way. Always – as in every time. 

I hear drivers complain that bicycles sometimes slow them down, ride in "their" lanes and refuse to move over. Seriously – there is never an excuse for hitting a bicyclist because you are unhappy about having to "share" the road. Bicycles may be slow and they may "infringe" on "your" road but it is their road too. If you drive negligently, and injure or kill someone riding a bicycle – get out that wallet. They will sue you and you will lose. 

Riding a bike? Be careful out there!

Driving home and annoyed by that spandex wearing, helmeted "target" on two wheels? Take a deep breath and relax – that could be your mom, dad, brother, sister or little kid down the street whose life your driving might end. Breathe deep and remember – saving that life may cost you a few minutes, but failing to drive carefully might cost the life, your life and the lives of those you love.

Injured? Give me a call and we can discuss your case.