The lawsuit brought by the victims and survivors of the explosion and fire at Tamarack Resort in 2017 has been settled. The settlement amount is confidential. With Dan Fleck and Gabe Phillips from the Spence Law Firm in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we represented James Harper, whose son and grandson tragically died as a result of a gas leak, that led to an explosion and fire in a rental cabin at Tamarack Resort.

This was a very sad case. While we are happy our client recovered, no amount of money can bring back the time and opportunities lost for Jim,  his son and grandson. The loss of life was tragic and unnecessary.

Our goal here was to join with Gerry Spence’s law firm to build an experienced team, ready for trial if needed. Special thanks again to Dan and Gabe for their expertise in complex civil matters, and special thanks to the other plaintiffs’ lawyers in the case, particularly John Bush, Jason Monteleone, and Breck Seineiger.