I love to read other criminal defense lawyer’s perspective on what we do.  So as I am waiting out big winds here in Maui, I just read a great post involving legendary criminal defense lawyer Roy Black and his defense of auto racing superstar Helio Castroneves – who fought the man and won!  Check out the post here

Here’s Roy Black’s take on our role as criminal defense lawyers – in Florida or in Boise, Idaho:

"…we defense lawyers are counter-punchers. The government always goes first and usually gets all the good rulings from the court. We had some tough days during the trial but our team never lost hope and just kept fighting back. So despite how dark things might look we should not give up."


Back in the office next week – but if you want to talk about a case just send me a post. As I said there are big winds here this week, so I am relaxing and reading cases.