So it’s time to look back at the past year or so and consider how our clients did when they pushed their cases to trial.  The names have been changed to protect … you know the drill.  Simple pleas without reductions are not included.

State vs KA – Lewd Acts with minor under 15 dismissed, pled guilty to child endangerment. OK – not a straight up win in the "NOT GUILTY" sense, but our client will not have to register as a sex offender, and should be able to get this case further reduced after serving his probationary time.

State vs WA – domestic violence dismissed, misdemeanor battery charged and client entered the domestic violence court. 

State vs MR – NOT GUILTY – aggravated battery.

State vs FA – NOT GUILTY – medicaid fraud.

State vs CL – MURDER charges DISMISSED at prelim hearing, case proceeded to trial on involuntary manslaughter. Client found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to 120 days as condition of probation.

US vs PK – NOT GUILTY of conspiracy to traffick in counterfeit goods, but guilty of selling counterfeit goods (t-shirts). Client spent 30 days in confinement as condition of his probation.

State vs DW – Client found NOT GUILTY of Manslaughter.  The charge went to trial after the court DISMISSED the MURDER charges initially brought by the state.

State vs CS – Felony DUI case proceeded to trial, client had BAC of .24 / .26 (ouch!). Tough case for us but client wanted his day in court, found guilty.

State vs MA – NOT GUILTY of malicious injury to property.

US vs EO/JO – cases not indicted, alleged real estate and banking fraud.  Imagine this – we actually had one of them give testimony before a federal grand jury!

Over all, not a bad year. Every case is different, so if you want to discuss your case, give me a call.