Associate Attorney William Young is at it again:

There is an article today in the New York Times discussing the issue of juvenile offenders and the importance of sealing their records from the public eye. The article examines how many states fail to protect the confidentiality of juvenile records despite data showing that “95 percent of young people enter the

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 Here’s a guest post by my partner – and daughter – Courtney Peterson

I was reminded this week how the impact of hiring an attorney can last long after a jury has reached a verdict, a settlement has been made, or a case has been dismissed.  So many attorneys focus on the “big” cases – serious felonies, federal charges, large

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Here’s another guest post by Boise Attorney Courtney Peterson, this time it’s all about juveniles.

Can your child’s juvenile conviction be expunged?

For most offenses, getting your child’s juvenile conviction is not as difficult as getting an adult conviction expunged. Idaho law states that anyone sentenced in the juvenile’s system for having committed a felony offense or committed to the

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Just before Christmas I spent a little time with Zachary Neagle. When Zach was charged with the murder of his father in March of 2009, I followed the case with special interest. I am a dad and I could not imagine what might lead a kid to kill anyone – let alone his father. Fathers are supposed to be

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