Yesterday I wrote about an article in the Idaho Statesman concerning a finding by the Ombudsman that the Boise Police had gone too far when they tased a man – on the "buttocks."  Today the Statesman reports that man has hired a lawyer to file a lawsuit.  As telling – here is what the Murphy had to say:

Murphy concluded

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 An Idaho Statesman article reports on the findings of the Boise Police Ombudsman that officers used excessive force when they used their Taser on a suspect’s "buttocks."  OK – so another poor fool got the Taser and now the Ombudsman wants us all to understand that even he can identify misconduct when he sees it – or hears it.  That

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 Congrats to my brothers and TLC Warriors on their victory in Houston in a civil rights case that pitted Kent Spence and Rafe Foreman against Harris County Sheriff’s Office and its deputies. After just four hours deliberations, the jury awarded the estate of Joel Casy $600,000 and $2.4 million to his mother.  The Houston Chronicle reported:

Casey’s death was ruled

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 I happened to check out a blog entry tonight in which the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Buckley v. Haddock was reviewed.  In Buckley, Court ruled that an officer who used his taser on a handcuffed man arrested for a misdemeanor had NOT used excessive force.  The cop had ordered the man to get up off the ground,

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I get at least three calls a week from folks who think their civil rights have been violated and want me to take their case. "Cause" might be a better description than case for the most part. So why is it so tough to get an attorney to take a civil rights case? Here are my Top 4 Reasons Most

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