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Three Things Clients Need From Their Lawyers

Posted in Assistance of Counsel
 I sometimes laugh at the notion of lawyers as counselors. We are not trained to be counselors.  We are trained in the law and by experience we learn to be fighters. Advocates. I have always liked the French term "avocat" as it better describes our role in the disputes that dominate our professional lives.  But… Continue Reading

Community Support Grows For 14 Year-Old Kid Charged With Murder – Now He Needs A Good Experienced Lawyer

Posted in Assistance of Counsel, Criminal Defense, News, Trials
 If you live in the Boise – Nampa – Caldwell, Idaho area you cannot have escaped the most recent news story on another apparent homicide by a fourteen year old Caldwell Middle School student. That’s right friends – 14. As in "how many kids can you stuff in a VW Bug?"  Fourteen – if they… Continue Reading

Picking Your Lawyer – Ask These Questions

Posted in Assistance of Counsel
 Springtime brings those new flowers and an increased number of calls last week inquiring about whether the caller should hire a lawyer or use the public defender. Now I have to admit that I often ask myself what extra benefit the "private" lawyer brings to a particular case. I was a public defender when I started… Continue Reading

Experience Matters If YOU Are The Defendant

Posted in Assistance of Counsel
 Picking a lawyer is about as tough a decision as anyone ever has to make, so imagine if you are charged with a crime and you have to choose a lawyer to represent YOU!  This past week another lawyer sent me a potential client who is charged with a felony. "Why me?"  "Because Bob says… Continue Reading

Teach Your Children Well … The Right To Remain Silent

Posted in Assistance of Counsel
Remember that Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young song that advised "… teach your children well… and feed them on your dreams…."  Unfortunately, too often we teach our children that the police are only there to help, and that if they just tell the truth their problems will go away.  So it was again this week… Continue Reading

Flat Fee Public Defender Malpractice – $3 million

Posted in Assistance of Counsel
 There is this practice in small communities of hiring contract public defenders and paying them a "flat fee" to handle all of the counties’ indigent defense work.  Say you are in "Little" County, and you get charged with burglary. You don’t have that rainy day fund, so you use the services of the public defender.… Continue Reading

Five Questions To Ask The Lawyer Before You Sign That Retainer

Posted in Assistance of Counsel, Criminal Defense, DUI, News
 Tis the season for increased traffic patrols – and DUI arrests in Boise, Idaho.  The Statesman reports that between Friday night and Sunday afternoon forty-nine persons were arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Suppose for a minute that you are one of those forty-nine. Any criminal charge is expensive… Continue Reading

Can You Tell The Difference Between Lawyers

Posted in Assistance of Counsel
 Ben Glass is this amazing lawyer who also understands marketing.  You know, selling yourself and your services. The word "Guru" aptly applies to Ben and I have been reading a lot of his info lately as I try to work on my own marketing. For years I just lived on my reputation. "Hey, aren’t you… Continue Reading

So You Want To Plead Guilty – Idaho Appellate Court Says Lawyer Must Consider Mental State

Posted in Assistance of Counsel, Constitutional Law, Idaho Appellate Decisions
I am not a psychologist – and I don’t play one on this blog, but the Idaho Court of Appeals has decided that criminal defense lawyers need to pay attention to their clients’ mental states at the time they enter a plea of guilty.  In Ridgley vs State of Idaho, decided August 6, Judge Lansing… Continue Reading