Yesterday I was complaining to Courtney and Will that we needed to get writing. “Why haven’t you two been posting anything to the blog? It’s not like there isn’t interest out there about our cases and the law generally!” Then I looked at my posts – or the lack thereof this year. Where does the time go?

Most recent court activities – just got off the phone and will have a DUI reduced to Inattentive Driving for a client with a .089 BAC. Anytime we can get someone’s charges reduced on a DUI that is a good thing. The client is thrilled, the prosecutor has a result he can live with and we got a little justice. The breathalyzer is not a perfect animal – there is a little wiggle room in there so a .089 might be less than the .08.

A couple weeks ago our client was acquitted of battery in a court trial. He was understandably delighted, and the decision was right. This was one of those cases where the complaining party was, well, a frequently complaining party within the neighborhood. Unload your camper that is temporarily parked in front of your house? She calls the cops and claims you are camping illegally or the vehicle has been abandoned. Smoke in your back yard? If that smoke is carried into her “airspace” she complains. And when some water sprayed from a hose made it to her, it was claimed a battery! The best part of the thing was her using a cane to come into the courtroom (“nearly blind”), but folding it up and putting it in her purse when she left the court. In any event the result for our client was those magic words – not guilty.

On another front we are waiting on the investigative report in the Yantis case. The wheels of justice grind slowly.

So there we go – an update. Next week we will talk about some law!