Two weeks to go – and then another six or so to sanity. This is the way it goes every time I prepare for a big trial. I try to not let it get me but it always does. And my compadres at the office, my blushing bride of nearly forty years, and anyone who happens to get in my way as I rush from one “must do” to the next. Run!

Uh… I can’t run. I am a turtle on my back in the middle of the road and that is a line of cars (let’s go with Porsches) headed at me full speed! That parade of 911s is actually the government, ready to roll over me and try to crush my client. Maybe. Or maybe not. As always this is just another opportunity.

But I have decided to stay here today. In McCall. With my wife, my life and my computer. And a bunch of really tall Ponderosa Pines that whisper “stay here, don’t go.”

I am not going down to bake in the valley … until tomorrow.

Two weeks.

In other news, our office has joined with Ron Simon to file lawsuits against the Boise Co-Op for victims of Salmonella food poisoning at its North End store and  the airport. Food poisoning is serious business and Simon is an uber-serious lawyer who specializes in this particular niche. How serious? He has recovered over $600,000,000 for clients similarly injured. That is serious, and he is very well regarded within the lawyer community. Happy to be on board with him in this. for more information contact Ron Simon directly at (713) 819-8116 or Or you can always give us a call at 342-4633.

And in NY – one down, one on the run.

OK – that is dark enough. Time for a little run and then a couple hundred questionnaires to review. On the deck. In the pines. And maybe a little splash in the lake.