"What will you do for me to prepare for trial?"

The question came from a prospective client last week who knew exactly what he was looking for in an experienced Idaho criminal defense lawyer. His case involved a charge of driving under the influence (DUI), but it could have been any crime, because the steps we take in discovery are really the same whether the charge is DUI, grand theft, manslaughter or murder.  

Here are Seven Steps we will take for you:

First – we will request all the information that is available as to the arresting officer and others who have given statements about the case. The officer in a DUI or driving related charge has had training that may be relevant with respect to the case. The same is true with his or her disciplinary record, if any. We want to know more about every potential witness because their testimony makes or breaks the case. 

Second – we will request a copy of any and all video and audio evidence, and then review that evidence and analyze its impact on your case. You need to see and hear that evidence too!

Third – we will request a copy of the dispatch logs from the arrest in your case. Sometimes there is information in the logs that will rebut or explain part of the case.

Fourth – we will visit the scene of the investigation. We need to compare what is in the report with our own observations and experience. We want you there too, so plan to go along and provide us with your side of the story.

Fifth – We will interview any and all witnesses who may have helpful information about your case. Get us the names of everyone you can think of who knows what happened.

Sixth – We will thoroughly review the law, and explain to you how the law and the facts work together in your case.

Seven – We will learn your story, from you and from others who know what happened in your case. Every case is a battle of stories – your version and someone else’s. We need to know you and your past, and we need to get to the heart of your story.

If you have been charged with any crime, call us to discuss how these steps will best prepare us for trial.