I had a call this morning from a guy who wanted to know if I thought DUI was a big deal. It would be a big deal if I was charged with any crime, facing time in jail and the loss of my driver’s license. How big a deal? Just think about these three consequences if you mishandle this.

1. If you refused the breathalyzer test, you will lose your license to drive for a YEAR, unless you act quickly and settle the case in a way that reduces that time in half.  Just last week we did this for a client so that he will lose the right to drive for six months, not a year. If you did not take the breathalyzer call a lawyer now – don’t wait. And I mean that, whether you call me or someone else. Get some help on this.

2. If you are guilty of a DUI, you will have to buy SR-22 insurance to maintain a license. That is expensive and tricky because it must be kept current to maintain your privileges. Stay on top of this to keep that license.

3. If you get a jail sentence, you may still be able to do community service and thereby keep your job. If you don’t get this part right you may have to serve time in a way that causes your boss to let you go. Again – don’t mishandle this. There are ways to get time to do that jail sentence and keep that paycheck coming in to support yourself and your family.

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