I had a call this week from someone who wondered if the court would require him to have an ignition interlock placed on his car as a result of his plea of guilty to a second DUI.  The answer is – probably.

The law provides for the use of the interlock – which is an electronic device that prevents the driver from starting a car if there is alcohol present in his/her breath – as an option in any DUI conviction.  Idaho allows the Court to impose this as a condition of probation.  Additionally, the Idaho statute provides that the drivers license for such a person shall reflect the condition.  So – if you have to use an interlock device – it would be virtually impossible to rent a car if on a trip outside the state.

The other thing to remember about the interlock device is that it will cost you, as the driver, an additional amount of money each month for the use of the device.  The only real good news is that the requirement will end when your probation ends.  If you are in this situation you are likely on supervised probation – another revenue generator for the state and another source of accountability for anyone convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I heard yesterday that another person dies as a result of drinking and driving every thirty seconds. That is a lot of needless death and suffering.  Make a decision today to not drink and drive.  And if you can’t seem to quit drinking, maybe it is time to get some help for your problem drinking.