Check out the article at about the Justice Department’s search for a new lead attorney and ten new trial lawyers to fill out the fraud section.  White collar crime – including securities, bank, wire and mail fraud – is where the action is if you are a government attorney looking to make your mark in the Department. The cases are extremely complex and the targets have lots of money but white collar crime is still crime – so the lawyers involved will need to be top cop types with an interest in bringing down the greedy.

This is bad news if you find yourself at the opposing end of an indictment for a federal fraud crime. The emphasis on these cases means the government will allocate resources – men and money – to fight fraud. It is very expensive to prosecute the cases and very difficult to defend.  So if the man is after you – get ready for the fight of your life.

And they don’t always get it right! This last year I represented a man charged with financial fraud (the always popular "Ponzi" scheme) who was a VICTIM, and should never have even been charged. In the end we got it right – but his life and liberty were on the line and a loss would have meant time away from his life and wife and kids; time in the can.  You can always make more money but you never get back time spent away from your LIFE!

So – as my friend always tells me – fly right. And if you have questions about your circumstances – give me a call.