The feds are at it again – investigating real estate and mortgage fraud across the fruited plain and the end result is almost always the same – PRISON.  Check out this report concerning their efforts and the results – an incarceration rate of over 82% and an average sentence of 38 months.  And in Idaho there are numerous ongoing investigations in criminal cases to be brought by the State and Federal authorities. And don’t forget those civil fraud and racketeering cases – they often lead to CRIMINAL charges and then prison. Top schemes? False statements to lenders by borrowers and realtors, dual sets of closing documents and my favorite – theft of investment money by those investment advisors who got you into the "deal of a lifetime."  If you have been the victim of one of these schemes – get a lawyer to go after YOUR money.  And if you are suspected or accused of fraud? Hate to sound the same theme but an experienced lawyer may keep you out of prison. No time to play around in these cases – get some help fast.