Got a call today from a nice lady whose son (21 years old) is charged with Felony DUI.  What might someone expect from a felony DUI?  IF guilty, a typical sentence in Ada County would likely include 120 to 150 days in jail – real time – not community service or SILD.  Add to that a $2000 fine (some likely suspended), 5 years of not driving, alcohol treatment (usually outpatient) and a real live, honest to God, FELONY conviction.  Oh – and add 5 years of felony probation. Someone is going to have to be called every time that kid wants to leave Ada, Elmore or Valley County.  And he will not be drinking anymore – that is always a condition of probation.  

The third felony gets you the habitual offender (add five more years) so every felony is a serious event.  How about getting junior out of jail?  Can do – but the bond is usually between $5000 and $25000.  And attorneys fees?  Add another $5000.  So that third DUI is a killer – best bet is to just not drive.  There is not a cab in town that costs as much as that FELONY DUI!