I was just reading an article about the dangers posed by big rig trucks and the statistics are alarming. Every year truckers kill innocent persons because they fail to drive safely.  It happens because truck drivers suffer from fatigue, get too little sleep, drive too many miles and often rely on drugs to keep them on the road.  The US Department of Transportation studied accidents in 2005 and found that more than 144,000 trucks were involved in accidents over the course of a single year.  In more than 80 percent of the tractor trailer traffic accidents, the non-commercial driver was not at fault.  Notably most of the deaths and injuries also happened to the non-commercial driver – that would be you and me. We are the people who get injured in these collisions – the drivers of passenger cars and trucks.  The commercial truck drivers typically walk away or receive only minor injuries.

You may remember that this year we have teamed up with Gerry Spence’s law firm to combat this problem.  As we have said – the time is now – Put People First. When a large truck hits a car or truck, deadly consequences are almost sure to follow. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed because of a trucking accident, we want to help.  We have experience with these cases and stand ready to be your lawyer.  For more information on your rights, simply give us a call or use our contact form on this site.