I was just looking at Virginia Attorney Bob Battle’s website, and his advice on choosing a lawyer to represent you if you are charged with driving under the influence.  The advice makes sense whether you are headed to court in the great South or the Northwest.  Survey says:  choose wisely!  As a client in a criminal case in Idaho, you want to hire an experienced lawyer.  Some Boise lawyers send out letters everyday to anyone charged with a crime.  They get that list of potential clients at the courthouse and then send off a FORM letter that may scare you into jumping into their caseload.  Don’t jump. Think! Why are those lawyers "fishing" for clients anyway?  Successful and experienced lawyers (criminal and otherwise) get clients from their reputations and by referral.  Just how many TRIALS have they had this year?  What were the results?  And will they be handling the case or passing it off to an associate?  Look, it’s your case, and your life.  Why would you entrust it to any lawyer who could not give you the answers you deserve?  Here’s our pitch:  Hire me for the experience and you get just that; me and twenty-seven years in the courtroom. 

So what kind of cases have I handled?  In the past five years the cases have included murder, manslaughter, racketeering, drug possession and trafficking, fraud, medicaid fraud, illegal possession of guns and ammunition, sex offenses, DUI, domestic battery, assault, aggravated assault, and other misdemeanors.  Civil case?  Wrongful death, ski injuries, defective design of Ford Expedition, personal injury automobile accident, truck accidents, defamation, malpractice, breach of contract, fraud, and defective products.  Need a lawyer?  Like Bob Battle says, choose wisely.