So I am back from TLC – didn’t have time to post last week and I am so tired tonight I can hardly even think about all that I learned. I will stand by what I said a couple weeks ago, TLC can change your life. It can change your practice. It can help you win cases and it can help you connect with other lawyers – some 800 or so have graduated from TLC – and take your trial skills to another level.

Strangely enough, it all starts with psycho-drama at TLC. Psycho-drama? Think of it as a way of exploring the story of your case. By re-living the event (like the shootout that forms the basis of your assault case), you can get to all the feelings the event created, and figure out how to sell your story during direct. Still, psych-drama is not enough in itself to change your case. It is just the beginning.

Yesterday my TLC class went through the graduation ceremonies at the ranch. Today we scattered to our home states and tomorrow some of us will go back to our offices and handle clients and cases and bills – you get the picture. Work. Not techniques taught in a barn in Wyoming, but real cases, with real clients and real issues to handle. Today I am too tired to do that. But tomorrow – I am really looking forward to tomorrow. And really looking forward to going to court again. Getting to the story, and developing our case. Got a case? Let’s talk.